Scanning our Future

Growing super-resilience to thrive in the decades ahead.

The present is already so intense and demanding that most of us don’t want to consider the future. But surely the rapid changes and pressures we face now are likely to continue, and increase? Where is all this leading to? The overall aim of Scanning our Future is to identify ways that individuals, communities and public service providers in the UK can evolve super-resilience, a meta level of adaptation, over the next 10-15 years, to handle positively the likely future pressures.

Initial research (our Phase 1) shows that there are many well-funded future forecasts available, and that the outlook is alarming in many ways. The aim of SOF is to focus on the ‘UK so what?’ of these future pressures.
In particular, we want to explore the ‘evolutionary challenge’ of the troubles ahead. We believe that the gift in these problems is an invitation to evolve to a super level of resilience, so that people can adapt and thrive in high levels of disruption, challenge and complexity.

Given our limited resources, we want to focus on super-resilience for UK individuals and communities (up to city level), including work groups, especially those delivering key public services, and small business/social enterprises who can contribute to raising resilience, partly through innovation.

We are interested in the physical/logistical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Our aim is both to understand what creates super-resilience, and how this can be learned and developed. By super-resilience we mean the capacity to respond positively, and adapt to exceptionally high levels of challenge, complexity and uncertainty. This capacity could arise from personal or group skills, from technology, organisation structures etc.


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