Seeding our Future

The present is already so uncertain and demanding that most of us don’t want to consider the future. But surely the pressures and changes we face now are likely to continue, and increase?

The aim of the Seeding our Future project is to identify and share ways that individuals, communities and public service providers in the UK can grow their resilience skills and wisdom to thrive and adapt to meet future pressures positively.


Project aims

Seeding our Future has three overall aims:

Future Scanning: Gather research on the global and UK outlook to the year 2050, to understand both challenging and positive trends likely to impact the UK in the next 10-15 years. This process is largely complete.
Gather Knowhow and Pilot Test: We have identified three specific focus areas, described below. For each of these, we intend to work with partner organisations to pilot test approaches, assess the benefits, and explore how best to share this with client groups. This is the current stage of the project, Phase 3.
Propagation: By 2019 we hope to have validated material which we aim to share as widely as possible via partner organisations and our own website. This will be Phase 4 of the project.


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