Scanning our Future is currently a small project in startup mode, seeking to understand how it can contribute in a large, complex field. The founder and funder of SOF is Alan Heeks, a social entrepreneur and writer (see www.alanheeks.com). He is working in partnership with Schumacher Institute.

Alan has been exploring resilience for many years: he has led personal development workshops and retreats on this theme, set up a woodland and retreat centre showing how to learn resilience from naturural ecosystems (see www.hazelhill.org.uk), and founded Wisdom Tree, who support front-line service teams (www.wisdomtree.uk.net).

The Schumacher Institute is an independent think tank for environmental, social and economic issues, based in Bristol. They are involved in a range of research programmes, projects, organising seminars, and consultancy. See more at www.schumacherinstitute.org.uk.

The Institute’s involvement in Scanning our Future is being led by their Director Ian Roderick: his early career was in Operational Research, with an MSc in 1975, and he co-founded a successful software company in 1982. In 2002 he completed an MSc in responsibility and business practice at Bath University. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society, co-founder of The Converging World, and is on the advisory board of Low Carbon South West.

We are collaborating informally with the Centre for Future Thinking at Hawkwood College, Westminster Centre for Resilience, and Network of Wellbeing.


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