Project Details

The Scanning our Future project is envisaged in three phases:

Phase 1:  Researching and writing the material (June 2016-May 2017).

Phase 2:  Augmenting and polishing the report, and linking with potential partner/umbrella organisations, during 2017.

Phase 3:  Publication of the report, launch of the website and a related event/promotional programme. Target autumn 2017 or early 2018.

The Phase 1 work is mostly being done by Palden Jenkins, a freelance researcher based in Cornwall, UK, an historian and humanitarian with a range of international contacts, and experience of complex research and writing projects, such as the Smithsonian award-winning Kingfisher Encyclopedia of World History.

An expert group has been formed to help with Phase 2. They are adding to and modifying the work, augmenting it with their own knowledge and perspectives.

The output in phase 3 is expected to come in several formats:

  1. a concise PDF summary report;
  2. a more substantial PDF report, giving more details, discussion and references;
  3. a website containing the contents of the full report, with added contributory details and links;
  4. Powerpoint material to accompany talks (tables, maps and graphs).

These will be updated and revised as time goes on, and as new information emerges. The website will be updated ongoingly, and revised reports will be published periodically, according to need and demand. Information about these developments will be found on this website,

The first two formats will be linear (with a beginning and end), and the website will be more fractal, serving as an online resource that is easily accessible globally – and for free.

The concise report could be published as a booklet, and the longer report could be published as a book if a publisher or organisation is interested.

We hope that these outputs in Phase 3 will provide a stimulus and some ingredients for a Phase 4, in which others pick up and use our material for wider use and propagation. Our intention is to make the outcomes of the project available to all, free or affordably.

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