Business and Climate Change


A. Context:

It’s more clear that the threats from climate change are far more severe than widely believed even a year ago. This has already led to mass protest movements like Extinction Rebellion, and consumer demands on businesses are likely to escalate steeply in the next couple of years.

Beside consumer demands, some experts (such as Jem Bendell: Deep Adaptation Forums) expect other radical interruptions to business as usual within the next few years. These could include more major weather crises, food shortages (e.g. the Multi Breadbasket Failure Scenario), further political turmoil, and supply chain breakdowns.

B. What can businesses do?

Find a way of engaging with some very challenging factors:

  • Incrementally responding as further pressures hit is not a sufficient or viable approach. This needs a systemic look at future threats, and willingness to initiate truly radical change for the business to survive.
  • This situation is genuinely alarming and overwhelming: business leaders need strategies to handle the emotional impacts on themselves and their staff, as a foundation before looking at operational responses.
  • Eisenstein’s dictum that a problem cannot be solved on the level at which it was created applies here. An effective response will require different information sources, processes, and mindsets.

C. What’s on offer?

Seeding our Future offers a partnership approach with the following elements:

i) Seeding our Future: This is a small team led by Alan Heeks, growing from his work since 2012 on understanding the future outlook, and pioneering resilience strategies to face it. Since 2018, Alan has been working closely with Jem Bendell, who initiated the Deep Adaptation approach, and who is also a senior advisor to Extinction Rebellion. Alan is also a Harvard MBA with 30 years’ corporate experience, hence he is well placed to provide the new information businesses need, and to help them respond.

ii) Hazel Hill Trust: This is an educational charity which runs a 70-acre conservation woodland retreat centre, with off-grid residential facilities, near Salisbury. The wood has proved to be a catalytic venue for a wide range of programmes, and the Nature Immersion it offers can be of huge benefit in helping business leaders to engage with these challenges, and find ways forward both organisationally and personally.

iii) Your organisation: your team are fundamental to any successful change strategy, and would be co-steering the process through.

iv) Additional partner: we are exploring collaboration with a few additional partners, one of which might also be involved. This could be an organisation you are already using for consultancy, coaching, etc.

D. What Next?

If you’d like to explore this further, please contact Alan Heeks: 07076 602787, or by email via the contact form.


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