Deep Adaptation: a spiritual exploration

November 6-8, 2020: A Retreat with Online Sessions

With Alan Heeks, Amrita Bhohi and Karim Hadden

Deep Adaptation is the term used by Jem Bendell to invite us to face the radical changes climate change will bring within the next decade. This weekend retreat will focus on the spiritual aspects: seeking purpose, healing, mutual care from a bigger perspective.

Our exploration will include a range of teachings and processes, and will not focus on any one tradition or belief system. Potential elements include:

  • Spiritual ecology principles and practices to deepen sacred connection between people and the living earth
  • Joanna Macy’s deep ecology approach, drawing on Buddhist and Native American traditions
  • Neil Douglas Klotz’s teachings from Sufi and other traditions on being centred and creative in uncertainty
  • Insights from Jem Bendell’s writings
  • Dances of Universal Peace, which are a form of body prayer or moving meditation, helping us to embody prayers and guidance

Alan Heeks has focused on future resilience since 2012, leading a range of projects and workshops. Has been working with supporting Jem Bendell since Autumn 2018: nominated by Jem as a Deep Adaptation advocate. Alan has co-led many spiritual retreats, including several on spiritual resilience. See, and

Amrita Bhohi is an international spiritual ecology facilitator and educator. Her work offers experiences to reunite people, the living world and the sacred. She co-founded the Spiritual Ecology Programme at St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation & Peace in London. Amrita is currently a facilitator with Emergence Magazine, and is writing a book about her work.

Karim Hadden is a highly experienced leader of Dances of Universal Peace and Devotional Singing. He has followed the path of Universal Sufism for many years, and also works as a Craniosacral therapist.

Timings and Retreat Structure:

We will have six online Zoom sessions as a group, with suggested practices and themes to explore between sessions. Group size will be limited to 16 participants. If possible please reserve the weekend for a retreat process: at minimum reserve ninety minutes for personal practice and reflection between group sessions. Our hope is to create some of the flavour of a woodland residential retreat, despite Covid guidelines preventing us being there physically.

The group online sessions will be at:

Friday: 2.30-4.00pm and 7.30-9.00pm
Saturday:10.30-12 noon, 2.30-4.00pm, and 7.30-9.00pm
(the evening will include a seasonal celebration for Samhain, Celtic new year)
Sunday:10.30-12 noon


£30 including the sessions and all briefing materials.
Concessionary price £22, or discuss with us what you can afford.

For bookings and enquiries:
Karim Hadden email: tel: 01981 500764

Past Events

future conversations – online programme

Facing Climate Change; Building Resilient Communities

Six weekly sessions: 6th October – 17th November • Tuesdays, 4.30 – 6.00 pm

In this time of rising uncertainty, we can all see the need to strengthen our communities.  Future Conversations is a series of guided conversations to raise resilience for individuals and their communities. This online programme will help anyone working to build community resilience to experience Future Conversations, and decide if they’d like to bring it into their community. 


  • The programme consists of six online sessions of 1.5 hours, all 4.30-6.00pm on Tuesdays, dates below, using the Zoom platform.
  • Total group size limited to 20 participants.
  • Facilitation shared by 3 members of the Seeding our Future team: Pam Candea, Alan Heeks, Georgina Wilson.
  • Cost: we are requesting a donation toward the costs of developing and delivering the programme, with a minimum of £20.  Suggested donation: unwaged £20, low wage £30, medium/high wage £40-50.
  • Booking: to book, go to eventbrite
  • Enquiries: contact Pam on


  • 6th October
  • 13th October
  • 20th October
  • 1 week off
  • 3rd Nov
  • 10th Nov
  • 17th Nov

Future Conversations – Taster session – 16 June 2020

What is the present situation telling us about our future?

What are the new possibilities?

Are you interested in exploring how we can build better communities and build our resilience?

We’re inviting you to an online taster session to preview this 6 week journey

Connect and share our hopes as well as our fears and challenges

Build your inner resilience by learning valuable lessons from nature

Open up to your creativity and motivation in building communities

Challenge our beliefs and norms to allow what’s possible to emerge

Join us for a taster session on Tuesday 16th June 4.00-5.30pm 

We will send out a link for joining us online nearer the time.

Register today, we’re looking forward to connecting and hosting these conversations for our future with you

Fausto, Georgina, and Pam

For more information about Future Conversations, click here.

Growing through Climate Change: local responses to food security

How we can strengthen the food economy around Bridport
Online seminar and discussion: Wednesday 10 June: 7.00-8.30 pm
Hosted by Transition Town Bridport, Seeding our Future and Bridport Local Food Group

We have a big opportunity to make Bridport’s food economy less vulnerable to shocks from pandemics and climate change: the key is for consumers to support local producers and outlets to grow more of our food in our area. 

Climate change is expected to have major impacts on UK food production and imports within the next ten years.  This meeting is a presentation and discussion of findings from a new research study looking at the issues and opportunities for Dorset and surrounding counties.  The research assesses which foods are most at threat from climate change, explores how these foods or substitutes could be grown locally, and what adaptive cultivation practices would be required.

The research is intended to help consumers, home growers, professional growers and farmers.  It was commissioned by Alan Heeks, who leads the Seeding our Future project, as part of their work helping the Bridport community to explore climate change adaptation.  The full report is now available free of charge online: to download the full report click here, or for a four-page summary click here

The seminar will be hosted by Alan Heeks, and will include a presentation of main findings by Elise Wach, of Coventry University, who did the research. There will be plenty of time for questions from participants, and we hope to explore some of these key questions: 

  • How can local consumers help local producers meet the extra costs of adaptive cultivation methods and growing local alternatives to vulnerable imports?
  • What changes can home gardeners and allotment holders make?
  • How can we gather momentum in our local community to take this forward?

BOOKING: The cost for this online seminar is £4: to reserve your place please book here. If you want to pay via the Bridport LETS, or to request a free place in case of financial hardship, please contact

The seminar will be run as a Zoom call which you can access with a computer with camera, or a smartphone.

Deep Adaptation to Climate Change and Coronavirus: How body, heart and soul can grow through a crisis (Online Workshop)

Saturday April 18, 9.30 – 4.30 (4 sessions) with Alan Heeks and John Harley

With Alan Heeks and John Harley

Deep Adaptation is a different way to engage with the climate crisis, created by Jem Bendell. It means adapting to climate impacts, as well as trying to reduce them; facing the emotional stresses to enable us to take clear practical steps; seeing this as a spiritual crisis too, and finding its meaning for our life purpose; and exploring all this in local communities.

This four-part online workshop is part of an initiative started by Alan in December 2019 to help the Bridport community use Deep Adaptation approaches to respond to the climate emergency, as well as to the current coronavirus crisis. The day will include some time for us to discuss this as a group. We will use a range of approaches including group sharing, guided visualisations and pairs work.


Alan Heeks has been involved in sustainability for 30 years, this includes founding the Magdalen Farm charity, near Thorncombe, and Bridport Cohousing. He was named by Jem as a Deep Adaptation Advocate, and is working with community groups, individuals and businesses on these issues.

John Harley is a facilitator, drama therapist and Unitarian minister who is passionate about creative and holistic ways to engage with the climate crisis.

Venue: The sessions will be hosted on Zoom (similar to Skype); you will need access to a computer or smartphone

Timings: Session 1: 9.30-11   Session 2: 11.30-1    Session 3: 2-3.15    Session 4: 3.30-4.30

Cost: £10 waged, £5 unwaged, Under-25s Free

Deepen your Roots

Resilience, Connection and Joy for crazy times 

 Five online workshops: Wednesdays April 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, 4.30-6 pm, 4.30-6 pm With Alan Heeks and Karim Hadden 

In stormy times, we all need to deepen our roots and find more resources, more support. This series of online workshops offers ways to cultivate spiritual resilience, make supportive connections, honour our pain, and get in touch with our joy and creativity amid the challenges. We’ll draw on a range of processes, including: 

  • Everyday ways to raise resilience, drawing on Nature, mindfulness, and Sufi teachings. 
  • Joanna Macy’s Deep Ecology approach to moving through feelings like fear and grief which can cause us to freeze. 
  • Shared practices to connect with each other and with courage and joy: sacred songs and body prayer (meditative movement).
  • Creation spirituality teachings to help us find our positive role in the unfolding story of Gaia.
  • Exploring how to deepen our sense of community and mutual support during the current crisis. 

Alan Heeks has focused on future resilience since 2012, leading a range of projects and workshops. Has been working with supporting Jem Bendell since Autumn 2018: nominated by Jem as a Deep Adaptation advocate. Alan has co-led many spiritual retreats, including several on spiritual resilience. See  

Karim Hadden is a highly experienced leader of devotional chants and Dances of Universal Peace, a form of Body Prayer. He has followed the path of Universal Sufism for many years, and works as a craniosacral therapist. 

The five workshops will follow the stages of change and discovery mapped as the Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell, who found these stages in myths and legends across the world.

  1. April 1: Leaving the Hearth – setting your intention
  2. April 8: The Early Journey – discovering new skills and connections
  3. April 15: The Dark Wood – facing challenges and growing through them
  4. April 22: The Treasure – new insights and discoveries
  5. April 29: The Hero’s Return – integration with others, celebration, next steps

Check back here for future events!

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