Deepen your Roots

Resilience, Connection and Joy for crazy times 

 Five online workshops: Wednesdays April 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, 4.30-6 pm, 4.30-6 pm With Alan Heeks and Karim Hadden 

In stormy times, we all need to deepen our roots and find more resources, more support. This series of online workshops offers ways to cultivate spiritual resilience, make supportive connections, honour our pain, and get in touch with our joy and creativity amid the challenges. We’ll draw on a range of processes, including: 

  • Everyday ways to raise resilience, drawing on Nature, mindfulness, and Sufi teachings. 
  • Joanna Macy’s Deep Ecology approach to moving through feelings like fear and grief which can cause us to freeze. 
  • Shared practices to connect with each other and with courage and joy: sacred songs and body prayer (meditative movement).
  • Creation spirituality teachings to help us find our positive role in the unfolding story of Gaia.
  • Exploring how to deepen our sense of community and mutual support during the current crisis. 

Alan Heeks has focused on future resilience since 2012, leading a range of projects and workshops. Has been working with supporting Jem Bendell since Autumn 2018: nominated by Jem as a Deep Adaptation advocate. Alan has co-led many spiritual retreats, including several on spiritual resilience. See  

Karim Hadden is a highly experienced leader of devotional chants and Dances of Universal Peace, a form of Body Prayer. He has followed the path of Universal Sufism for many years, and works as a craniosacral therapist. 

The five workshops will follow the stages of change and discovery mapped as the Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell, who found these stages in myths and legends across the world.

  1. April 1: Leaving the Hearth – setting your intention
  2. April 8: The Early Journey – discovering new skills and connections
  3. April 15: The Dark Wood – facing challenges and growing through them
  4. April 22: The Treasure – new insights and discoveries
  5. April 29: The Hero’s Return – integration with others, celebration, next steps


  • Each workshop will be run as a Zoom call (similar to Skype); you’ll need a laptop, computer with webcam or smartphone plus wifi connection)
  • The cost for the five workshop series is £25, concessions available on request
  • It’s desirable to participate in all workshops, but not obligatory
  • For bookings and enquiries, contact Karim, or call 01981 500764.

Deep Adaptation to Climate Change: Engaging body, heart and soul (Online Workshop)

Saturday April 18, 9.30 – 4.30 (4 sessions) with Alan Heeks and John Harley

With Alan Heeks and John Harley

Deep Adaptation is a different way to engage with the climate crisis, created by Jem Bendell. It means adapting to climate impacts, as well as trying to reduce them; facing the emotional stresses to enable us to take clear practical steps; seeing this as a spiritual crisis too, and finding its meaning for our life purpose; and exploring all this in local communities.

This four-part online workshop is part of an initiative started by Alan in December 2019 to help the Bridport community use Deep Adaptation approaches to respond to the climate crisis. The day will include some time for us to discuss this as a group. We will use a range of approaches including group sharing, guided visualisations and pairs work.


Alan Heeks has been involved in sustainability for 30 years, this includes founding the Magdalen Farm charity, near Thorncombe, and Bridport Cohousing. He was named by Jem as a Deep Adaptation Advocate, and is working with community groups, individuals and businesses on these issues.

John Harley is a facilitator, drama therapist and Unitarian minister who is passionate about creative and holistic ways to engage with the climate crisis.

Venue: The sessions will be hosted on Zoom (similar to Skype); you will need access to a computer or smartphone

Timings: Session 1: 9.30-11   Session 2: 11.30-1    Session 3: 2-3.15    Session 4: 3.30-4.30

Cost: £10 waged, £5 unwaged, Under-25s Free

Booking: Contact Rosalind, Tel 07808808278

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