Future Conversations: Project Overview

Many of us are struggling to find time or willingness to consider our future. The changes we’re facing in the next two or three decades are complex, often contradictory, and can feel daunting. Research shows that our main strategies for coping with future changes are denial and avoidance.

Moving people from overload to active participant in a positive future is the key aim of Future Conversations. The project aims to use natural spaces to start conversations about our shared future, working primarily with disadvantaged individuals and communities facing social and economic hardship, and with community organisers who support them.

A series of guided conversations will enable people to explore their hopes, fears and needs for the next 5-20 years. We will explore facts and feelings, and provide processes and information to grow the confidence and skills to shape the future positively.

Hosting community conversations in natural settings, Future Conversations will offer a menu of process tools, practical techniques and activities including natural resilience and deep ecology, but with content geared to participants’ needs. We will be running four pilot programmes, consisting of 5 to 8 sessions, during March – July 2019, with local community groups in London, the Midlands and Scotland.