Local Communities

As we look toward uncertain futures, amidst an increasingly uncertain present, local communities can play a major role in resilience and adaptation. In December 2019, Seeding our Future’s founder, Alan Heeks, set up an open meeting in his hometown, Bridport, inviting local organisations and individuals to explore how this community of 15,000 people in West Dorset could adapt to the growing impacts of climate change. This section of the website shares information from this initiative, which will hopefully be of use to other communities in the U.K. and beyond. 

Bridport and Climate Change Adaptation 
A report on the briefings and discussions at the December 3 meeting.

Food security for U.K. communities 

Many experts believe UK food security is at grave risk from climate impacts within the next ten years, including Professor Jem Bendell who initiated the Deep Adaptation response. See www.deepadaptation.ning.com . Alan Heeks works closely with Jem and has been involved in the organic sector since 1990: founder of Magdalen Farm charity in Dorset and later Chair of Abel & Cole. In December 2019, Alan commissioned a study on UK food security and climate change, looking especially at:

  • Which crops (imported and UK) are most vulnerable to climate change?
  • How could these be grown or substituted in the UK, and what adaptive growing methods would be needed?
  • What market or distribution changes would enable anticipatory adaptation, e.g. consumer-subsidised CSA’s?
  • What existing projects, UK or elsewhere, are piloting these approaches?