Project Details

There are three main phases envisaged in the project.

PHASE 1 WORKPLAN: Research to identify major trends and pressures worldwide which may affect the UK over the next 30 years.

PHASE 2 WORKPLAN: This plan covers the next few months, as information and contacts gathered in this phase will shape the plan thereafter. Work on this, by Palden Jenkins, is due for completion in late 2017. We are now seeking to appoint a researcher to start on Part II. A key aim of Phase 2 is to clarify how this project can add something distinctive to the field.

1. Future threats review: A series of summaries on all main topics looking at major trends over next 20-30 years.
Who: Palden Jenkins, a senior freelance researcher, has been working on this for several months.
When: Complete late 2017.

2. Sector scoping research: Who are the main UK and international organisations and individuals researching and teaching on resilience?
Who: A researcher needs to be appointed for this work.
When: October 2017 start, complete January 2018?

3. Contact building: Making contact with organisations and key individuals who could be partners or advisors for SOF.
Who: Alan Heeks and Ian Roderick.
When: Sept 2017 – Jan 2018.

4. Strategy review: Assess findings to date, set aims and work plan for Phase 3.
Who: A 1-2 day gathering to include the work team, plus selected advsiors and potential partners.
When: February 2018.

PHASE 3 WORK PLAN: This will be guided by the findings and new contacts from Phase 2. We hope to collaborate with other organisations and individuals to create a collective process of research and dissemination, which shares best practices in super-resilience and identifies scope for future innovation.

See further thoughts for indicative phase 3 questions.

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