Project Details

Phase Three plan

This plan is based on a major strategic review of the project in February 2018, which involved experts on various aspects of the sector, plus the project team. This review drew on the research and scoping work in Phases 1 and 2.

Given our limited resources, we intend to focus on three specific projects where we believe we can make a distinctive contribution, and which build on existing expertise within our team and our partners:

Front-Line Futures: The capacity of front-line public services is crucial to everyone’s wellbeing: these include the NHS, local authority functions, and parts of the voluntary sector. Currently we are seeing a severe rise in burnout, service failures and staff turnover in many areas. In 2018 we intend to run several pilot programmes relating to those issues including:

  • Residential workshops at Hazel Hill Wood on resilience for junior doctors and others from a major London teaching hospital, led by a joint team from Wisdom Tree and Westminster Centre for Resilience. Our aim is for pilot groups to lead a longer-term programme combining events at Hazel Hill Wood and in London.
  • An Action Learning Programme, Re-visioning the Front Line, for managers of small front-line service teams, such as small charities and community groups, including three 24-hour residentials at Hazel Hill Wood, starting November 2018.
  • A one-day workshop for front-line managers, exploring resilience for the future, also at Hazel Hill Wood, led by the Wisdom Tree team. This was run in April 2018.

Future Conversations: Research shows that most people prefer avoidance and denial to engaging with the future outlook. The aim of this project is to offer materials and facilitation to help disadvantaged individuals and community groups to explore the upsides and downsides of the next 10-20 years, and to raise their skills and confidence to enjoy the years ahead, drawing on natural resilience, deep ecology and other methods. We are exploring partner organisations for pilot groups in several locations, aiming to start in late or early 2019.

Everyday Positive: The aim of this project is to offer simple, highly accessible resilience tools to more mainstream individuals and community groups, preferably in an outdoor setting which helps learning and wellbeing.

Everyday Positive will offer easy ways to handle stress, as an add-on to a range of outdoor activities such as running, rambling, sports and conservation.

Partner Organisations

Partners are a central element of our strategy for this project, and we welcome approaches from other potential partner organisations. Those already involved include:

  • Schumacher Institute: This non-profit think tank and research network headquartered in Bristol is our lead partner, with many years’ experience in exploring futures issues.
  • Westminster Centre for Resilience: A leading expert in resilience research and training for public and private sectors, and strengths in evaluation of such work: part of Westminster College, London.
  • Hawkwood College: Centre for Future Thinking: Are hosting an open workshop led by Seeding our Future, October 15-16 2018, with Jonathon Porritt as keynote speaker. For more info click here.
  • Wisdom Tree/Hazel Hill Trust: Both organisations were founded by Alan Heeks, who is actively involved in both of them. Wisdom Tree lead resilience trainings for front-line services and their individuals, many of them at Hazel Hill Wood, which is a registered charity, 70-acre conservation woodland and education centre near Salisbury.

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