Revisioning Frontline Services

An action learning programme for leaders in small public service providers

At Hazel Hill Wood, nr Salisbury. October 30/31, plus dates in Feb & April 2019, with a free taster afternoon on 12th Sept 2018.

This unique Action Learning Programme is intended for leaders and managers in small front-line services: voluntary or public sector organisations, community groups and social enterprises providing support to the public in some way.

How long can your organisation go on meeting rising demands with shrinking resources? Is it time to think outside the box? Are you or your team running on empty, at risk of burnout? We do have the capacity to make positive change, and the first steps are breathing space to get perspective and share concerns, plus skills and support to shape a better future for your people and the service they provide.

Re-Visioning Frontline Services is a unique Action Learning Programme designed for leaders and managers in small organisations, or teams in larger ones, who want to initiate positive change. You may work as a service provider in the voluntary, public or private sector, or in a community group or social enterprise, but whatever your role, you are working to meet rapidly changing needs with over-stretched resources.

The programme will involve a peer group of 8-14 participants for a six-month period, with three 24-hour residential sessions in the unique, catalytic setting of Hazel Hill Wood, a 70-acre retreat centre near Salisbury, plus Skype sessions and online sharing and support between workshops.

You will be supported by a highly experienced team of facilitators from two non-profit projects, Seeding our Future and Community CoLab. Seeding our Future is researching future pressures and potentials for front-line services and others, and has substantial experience of how to grow resilience. Community CoLab is a dynamic network which trains and supports community organisers, facilitators, leaders and change makers in a wide range of frontline projects

The content of the programme will be co-created by participants and facilitators together: you will have scope to share confidentially about issues for you and your organisation, and support to develop and explore creative responses. Examples of proposed content include:

  • Exploring real resilience: the capacity to thrive and grow in high pressure, which can be learned!
  • Expanding through Nature: using a magical wood as a space to renew, reflect, and learn from the resilience of natural systems as a model.
  • Personal re-visioning: renewing your own vision and skills as a basis for creative change and sustaining your momentum in your work.
  • Team re-visioning: processes and support to help your team to co-design a positive future.
  • Future scoping: using backcasting and other methods to explore the future demands on your service (clients, funding, regulators etc.) and meet them constructively.

The aim of the Action Learning format is to enable each participant to work on their own chosen focus (which could be individual, team or whole organisation), with the support of experienced facilitators, tailored processes, pointers to relevant resources, and shared help and expertise with the group.


Revis1Alan Heeks: Alan is a founding member of Wisdom Tree, and an expert in helping people to learn resilience skills through analogies with Nature: see more at He is also the Director of the Seeding our Future project, and has led the creation of the Hazel Hill facilities and programmes. His first book, The Natural Advantage, explores natural resilience and how people can cultivate their resilience through parallels with organic ecosystems, such as composting.

Revis2Daniel Köerner: Daniel is an international coach and project and workshop-facilitator. His focus is on enabling individuals and groups to grow into their full potential by deepening perception of themselves and their environment. Daniel brings together degrees in Environmental Management and Holistic Science with innovative project management and leadership approaches, including Art of Hosting, Dragon Dreaming Project Design, Theory U and Open Space Facilitation.

Revis3Jose Augusto Barco is a community organiser and group process facilitator, founder of Community CoLab and a former founding director of Community Organisers Ltd. Jose’s work is mainly focused on building capacity and creating spaces for conversation, collaboration, participation, co-design and self-organisation in social ecosystems, communities and organisations, mainly using Art of Hosting. His work is also influenced by his Colombian culture, musical roots and permaculture practice.


Hazel Hill is a magical 70-acre wood, near Salisbury. It has simple, yet beautifully crafted off-grid wooden buildings with lovely indoor and outdoor group spaces, basic accommodation in bedrooms and sleeping lofts (or camping), good hot showers and compost loos. See more at The wood is run by an educational charity whose aims are to promote wellbeing, resilience and sustainability through programmes at the wood for a wide variety of client groups.

DATES: The programme starts with a 24-hour residential from 6pm on Tuesday, 30 October to 5pm on Wednesday, 31 October. Two more 24-hour residential dates in February and April 2019 will be decided at our meeting in October at Hazel Hill Wood.

PRICE: The price of the whole programme, including accommodation, food and facilitation, is on a sliding scale depending on what you and your organisation can afford, from £180 up to £400. We have a limited number of bursaries available to offset this cost, down to a minimum payment of £50 for the whole programme.


If you are interested in the programme, please join us for a free taster event at Hazel Hill Wood, 1pm to 4pm, including light lunch. This free taster afternoon is a chance to meet the facilitators, hear more about the proposed process and have a conversation about how it could be designed to meet your needs. Book your place here.

Download a flyer here:  Re-visioningTheFrontline


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